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The future path of merchant services is the current trends for payment technology which involves automation, usability, and security. The payment arena has blurred the line between tech and payment companies including Google, Samsung, and Apple. Secure and fast payment improves the general experience of consumers and merchants which makes payment and gateway software development important. Some of the trends used today in the payment and gateway processing are discussed below.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric technology is one method being used across the globe by numerous individuals and organizations. This is possible through mobile device integration that makes the need for remembering a pin or password unnecessary. Biometric authentication can either be facial or fingerprint recognition and is used to authorize Apple Pay and Google Pay. Consumers believe biometric authentication offers more security. The fast, simpler, and comfort of using this authentication method has made it the most reliable one.

Mobile Payments

Credit card usage will continue in the future, but what will change is the form. Contactless payments including mobile wallets and NFC technology will remain with their improved security by eliminating physical credit cards. Payments can be made from anywhere at any time. Businesses of every size are able to accept payments through credit cards since the payment barriers have been dismantled by the mPOS market. In the future, the use of mPOS(mobile point-of-sale) technology and custom payment and gateway solutions is expected to increase.

NFC Contactless Payments

NFC (Near Field Communication) is another trend in the technology market. Contactless payments are already being accepted in the public transportation sector in the cities of the United States. This trend will create a boom in the current scenario of the COVID 19 outbreak.

Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of artificial intelligence assistants into the shopping experience transformed digital commerce. Purchases can be made with just a few commands and AI enables you to make a payment without having to pick up your device. AI assistants change the trends in online business and stores by enabling secure storage through cloud technology.


Identification based on the blockchain offers numerous benefits including decentralization of data collection, use of immutable ledger for the information storage and the use of consensus mechanism to cross verify the collected data. Blockchain reduces the risk of security breaches and stores data for numerous purposes including Employment records, Tax identification records, Government records, etc.


The most widely recognized cryptocurrency is Bitcoin which is an important factor in the mainstream commerce market. Bitcoin is a legitimate virtual currency offering secure transactions that are less traceable. More retailers are taking advantage of this trend with the transactions being recorded in the blockchain distributed ledger.

Voice Commerce

The behavior of consumers has been influenced by voice commerce which is a part of the digital ecosystem that enables you to increase your connectivity, access, and knowledge of the digital landscape by learning how to talk to them. Imagine a future where changes in your environment or voice can be interpreted by a network of devices that potentially identifies your needs by enabling preemptive recommendations. Voice commerce via Alexa with Amazon Payments or Google Assistant with Google Pay is the future of Custom Online payment solutions.

Cross Border

Traveling to a store and giving the cashier your payment or shopping on the internet and using the checkout page for entering your information has been pushed back to the past. Dinner can now be ordered using your smartphone and can be picked up at the restaurant.


Swiping credit cards has been switched with secure chips which are referred to as EMV or Europay, Mastercard, and Visa. What makes this more reliable is the fact that chip is more difficult to counterfeit and is not duplicated or read easily. This trending tech has eliminated the magnetic strips.


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