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The field of education is evolving continuously with new developments in learning styles and has emerged with a variety of functions that enhances the learning experience. The learning experience of learners improves drastically with these unique methods. For example, learners who use gamification are allowed to learn concrete material while enjoying a unique learning experience. The e-Learning experience can be improved by different types of methods that are trending at present. Whether your intention is to teach students or train employees, the following techniques will enhance educational development.


Microlearning is a quick and easy method for teaching and learning information. This is the perfect method of teaching for organizations with a limited amount of disposable time for training. The highlight of this e-learning method is the brief modules that contain small chunks of information that allow learners to revisit them at any time. The main intention of these modules is to help learners meet a specific goal on their learning path. Some of the benefits of microlearning are:

  • Cost and Time-efficient
  • Personalized for learners
  • Device and Location independent
  • Purposeful knowledge
  • Comprehensible for learners.

Artificial Intelligence & Learning Assistance

Artificial intelligence has paved the way for virtual teacher assistants over instructors to help learners through modules. Organizations with e-Learning solutions offer innovative modules that enhance the experience of learners. Assistive style of learning can be enabled using artificial intelligence. Advantages of os using AI include:

  • Real-Time Questioning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Improves Accessibility
  • Generates Fresh contents
  • Personalizes the Learning experience

Mobile Learning

The education system is making several adjustments to keep abreast of the advancements in technology at a rapid pace. The learning system using mobile technology delivers a multitude of benefits. Mobile learning allows learners to access the materials whenever and wherever they choose. This is also an e-learning technique which helps instructors to monitor the performance of the learners. Compared to other e-learning techniques, this method is highly accessible and flexible which makes it highly effective. This trend changes the angle of learning with a rate of around 67% mobile users. The training needs that will be covered using this technique will be:

  • Formal Training
  • Instant Learning ads
  • Informal training
  • Self-directed learning
  • Social or collaborative learning

Video-Based Learning

The use of instructional videos has been prevalent for quite some time at the forefront of eLearning. The biggest advantage and versatility of video learning lies in the fact that learners will be able to find learning content on social media sites like Youtube as well as from company sites that publish instructional videos. The production of interactive, engaging, and visually appealing content boosts the engagement of learners undoubtedly. Videos are a great medium for organizations to manage their training, as they can be used:

  • To complement or supplement corporate training needs
  • To promote informal learning
  • To improve social or collaborative Learning
  • To support instructor-led training and virtual instructor-led training


As the name suggests, gamification refers to the use of game mechanics to improve learning engagement and boost retention rates. This approach is highly effective and contributes greatly to the eLearning technology by defying all the modern learning strategies. Gamification can be designed to reward learners with points or badges as they complete modules which makes learning a motivating experience for the learners. If this method of learning is well-crafted for serious learning, instructors can achieve the following:

  • Higher engagement
  • Proficiency gain
  • Influences behavior
  • Better completion rates
  • Higher recall and retention

The above-discussed trends allow education institutions to expand their learning experiences. Trends like mobile learning and video-based learning allow users to access training materials from virtually anywhere in the world. ON the other hand, trends like gamification enhance the learning experience altogether. If you are looking to develop an eLearning system, try incorporating a few of these trends to maximize the effectiveness of learning experience.

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